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The world of sports betting has always encompassed many different products which range from major sports like Football and Hockey as well as minor leagues like dog racing and horse racing. Who would have known that the present day, betting on E-sports would become an actual thing? Esports are often referred to as electronic sports. In the sense that it is basically a form of sport played over the internet. Due to the rise of massive and popular multiplayer battle arena games also called MOBA games like Dota 2 and League of Legends Online gaming has increased in intensity which has led to a brand new form of sport played by playing video games. E-sports are particularly popular with younger people, and which is why it’s not surprising that betting on sports would be an integral part of the modern time of the internet. The betting on e-sports is comparable to traditional betting in the manner that it requires the prediction of the outcome of a match or tournament against two rivals, e-sports betting is exciting due to the fact that online video games are also characterized with an incredible range of options and uncertainty, which is the reason why this type of sport so fascinating to study.

In Malaysia there is a betting on sports is growing rapidly and this is because lots of players are jumping on the online casino train seeking entertainment. In fact, online casinos offer the highest level of gaming as well as betting convenience, as well as an accessibility that was never before. There are many casinos online in Malaysia provide a broad selection of online entertainment including slot games, fishing games and , of course the platform for betting on sports. In reality, BK8Asia is one of the most trusted online betting websites in Malaysia too, but we’re not here to promote the site, we’re here to discuss IM Esports.

Best Malaysia Online Esports Betting

IM Esports is an online sports betting website that provides all the information about Esports. It is an online gambling and betting website created for players. There, you will find every game you like and tournaments you want to bet on. They are the biggest web-based Esports betting website in Malaysia and also the number most popular sportsbook across Asia. The IM Esports application is available on as well as the Google Play Store for android phones as well as the Apple App Store for iPhones that run IOS. The IM ESPORTS application is clean user interface that is easy to navigate and extremely user-friendly. With IM Sports, betting on sports is easy and is accessible to everyone. Additionally, IM Esports is also thought to offer the top service and has the most effective offers among other betting applications for sports in Malaysia.

Esports Betting Games

The IM ESPORTS is an internet-based betting site for esports with unique combination MARKETS and a high betting LIMIT. At IM ESPORTS you can anticipate highly rated games that you can bet on like CSGO BETTING One of the most popular first-person shooter games produced by Blizzard and LEAGUE OF LEGENDS BETTING the most popular battle arena online game in the past decade, created by Riot Games; at the same time, anticipate obscure shooter games as well as independent games to bet on also, as the market for combos at IM ESPORTS is so large and has so many options which is what makes them unique. In actual fact, IM ESPORTS is reported to host the highest number of live markets and matches open to bet on in one evening than any other.

The sky is the limit for IM Sports as they offer without exaggeration, the most high betting limit that is available in not just Malaysia or Asia as well as the whole world. IM sports betting permits gamblers to bet as much as they like as long as they’re sure to be able to win It’s an open betting site, meaning you can bet to as high and as far as you like.

Dota 2

Dota 2 follows the first mass multiplayer game created by fans known as Dota which is also known as Defense of the Ancients, that can be played on the original Warcraft III game. Dota has since attracted many players from all over the globe and has grown to be one of the played competitive games in the world. It has changed the entire online gaming scene and everyone is committed to it, even going even to becoming professional players. Bets in Dota 2 is interesting because playing Dota 2 is like a game of chess. It requires teamwork, strategy mental games, data gathering and resourcefulness to win in a professional tournament that is Dota 2.


CSGO is a very competitive first-person shooter game that’s similar to the history of gaming. CSGO is a demanding game in the sense that multiple variables are always in playing in just one game. CSGO requires precise aim with god-like reflexes as well as amazing communication abilities with all players to win the game. CSGO is among the most popular games streamed on Twitch, beaten with the only played games on the web which can be described as Dota 2. Bettors can place bets on accuracy of the player and player kills, as well as players dying, and bomb defusions.


PUBG is the biggest multiplayer battle royale on the internet and also the most unique game that has paved the way for online game of battle royale to be created in the years to. One PUBG game can host up to 100 players which means that a single game can be as long as 30 minutes. It is extremely flexible in terms of game play. For quite a while, PUBG has held the title of being the most played game on the internet. even though its popularity has decreased because of the introduction of many others battle royale game that have flooded with players, PUBG remains strong in the top 10 most watched game on Twitch. Fans love the game due to the unique system of loot, difficult gameplay, and its unpredictable.

League of Legends(LOL)

League of Legends is another massive online battle arena game, which operates using the same rules like Dota 2, yet delivers distinct visuals and offers a range of new and unique gameplay mechanics that keep the game exciting and fun to play. Even though League of Legends is less popular than the most well-known massive battle arena game played in the world, its betting scene is never deficient in terms of tens of thousands of players watching every game and a huge amount of bets being placed.

Malaysia Online Esports Betting Promotion

The betting options for Esports aside, IM ESPORTS allow great content on esports on their website. You can find localized updates on the goings and goings within the esports community, as well as recent tournament news to ensure you don’t be able to miss the betting window, and Esports matchup reviews for all games that will assist you in analysing the next game in order to be able to make the best possible prediction. The most important thing is that by joining to the ESPORTS family New members are qualified to claim an abundance of ESPORTS betting promotions that are exclusive to our site and only! If you’re new to betting on esports, IM ESPORTS is the ideal choice.

When you make your first deposit at the IM ESPORTS platform, you’re already eligible to receive free betting credits as part of our welcome offer, first deposit promotion, and starter kits. The more deposits you make to your IM Esports account and the more free credits you’ll receive through our bonuses and promotions. IM ESPORTS is not here to takeadvantage of, rather we’re there to support everyone who is an esports fan in Malaysia.

Bettors who bet on esports in Malaysia who have no experience with betting on online esports but are interested in checking this out, will appreciate the efficient risk management assistance offered by IM ESPORTS extremely helpful. The application will assist in assessing the risk of betting and the odds for all bettors, so that they don’t make a choice that will regret later because, after all, Malaysia online betting is supposed to be enjoyable and enjoyable and not stress-inducing. Additionally, IM ESPORTS also provide advanced live betting and score management tools to make it easier to navigate the betting process for esports. When we say that gambling is simple when you bet using IM Sports, that’s what we refer to. Betting on sports can be difficult but it is also effective, simple and quick. It is important for players to take the correct decision by signing up with IM ESPORTS.

In the end the I think that IM ESPORTS is a fantastic location to find analysis, matchup reviews scores, updates on score, as well as betting statistics. The IM ESPORTS provides accessibility and convenience for bettors on the Malaysian betting market for esports. Download the application IM ESPORTS application now and test it the app for yourself on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. If you are a fan of Dota betting or CSGO betting and betting, then you’re invited to sign up for our betting service by registering an account to bet on IM ESPORTS. The journey to esports betting should begin with IM Sports, it never is more simple than this.