KUALA LUMPUR: A young Malaysian named Joan used ChatGPT to crack baccarat and earn money. She stumbled upon ChatGPT while browsing social media and decided to explore its capabilities. Joan, who lives in Kuala Lumpur and is struggling to make ends meet, discovered the Martingale winning strategy and found a reputable online casino to play at.

“When everyone was worried that ChatGPT would take their jobs, I jumped at the opportunity to make money from online casinos through ChatGPT,” said Joan.

“By asking various questions, I discovered the winning Baccarat strategy – Martingale – with ChatGPT. With just enough deposit and a trustworthy online casino, anyone can use this simple strategy. I prepared RM2,000 and found a reputable online casino to start.”

Some netizens questioned her methods and why she would risk playing online instead of going to an offline casino. Here’s her response: “Some netizens asked me why I didn’t go to Genting to try it out. Actually, I didn’t have extra time, so I drove to Genting. I’m not sure if Genting allows me to use it on their baccarat tables. Martingale because it’s a winning strategy.” Joan said, “I tried doing research on ChatGPT and looking for who is the safest and most reputable online casino in Malaysia, and the answer I got was “BK8”.